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DreamVesting is a partner with DVG Realty, we pride ourselves on not being your typical residential real estate company. Of course, we can sell your home and help you find a new one. And, we would love to do that! But, let me explain why we are different – and proud of it!

Fix and Flip

Our partner construction company, Schlick Construction, has completely renovated over 50 fix-and-flips in the past three years, in addition to numerous rental renovations.

With our own fix-and-flip investments, we have averaged a cash-on-cash return of over ……..%. As you can see, we have experience and we know what sells in this market!

You may have heard recently that properties for fix-and-flips are getting hard to come by. Thanks to our position in the short sale and REO markets as well as some aggressive marketing, we are not having any trouble. Now, we are in Omaha. Properties that fit aren’t unlimited. But, they ARE available. This is why we are announcing our Partner Program for fix-and-flips. Partners are given the opportunity to invest with us as silent partners. In return for your investment, you have the opportunity to share in the potential profit. Of course, this is an investment, and as such, there is NEVER guarantee of profit. As a partner, you have risk of losing if we lose money. Much like investments in the stock market, there are no guarantees. However, unlike the stock market, you still own a tangible item – the property. Contact Jeri for more information.

IRA Real Estate Investing

Are you concerned with what is happening in the stock market? We saw our retirement accounts disappear only a few short years ago. And, with the recent free fall in the markets, there is fear it could happen again. Some predict it will even be worse this time.

Did you know that you can invest your retirement account in real estate?

Yes! You can! Through a Self-Directed IRA, you can retain all of the tax advantages of your current IRA (ask us if you have a 401k) while enjoying the benefits of investing in real estate. What are those benefits?

1. You have a tangible asset. That means that, unlike the stock market where your money can literally disappear, you will always have the property. That gives you options and retains some of the value of your investment, regardless of what happens in the market.

2. Mailbox Money. What is this? It’s a purely passive investment that makes you money. Again (while we are comparing), much like the stock market. Your investment just grows.

3. Growth in real estate investments can come in more than one way. Those are 1) monthly rental profit and 2) appreciation.

When was the last time the housing market lost 8% in one day? It never happens. Any way you look at it, real estate is a great alternative for your retirement investment.

Rental Property Management

Our Property Management division has grown from 4 properties to over 200 in the past two years all through referral. Our clients asked us to start this aspect of our business, and we are proud to say they have stuck with us! Property Management is not an easy or esteemed aspect of real estate. The feeling in the real estate community is that it’s a lot of work for not a lot of money. Well, with a mission to create wealth for our clients, we put that notion aside, determined to create a model that was both sustainable and appreciated by our clients. Recently, our largest client in the Omaha area has asked us to expand to the Lincoln area to manage their portfolio there. We are (March 2016). And, I think that’s proof that we have succeeded!

Our management fee is 8% (discounts offered on multiple property portfolios and on multi-unit buildings). We believe there are three areas where we stand out. 1) Renting properties – we have the best rental agents in town! And, we price properties correctly. We are aggressive so as to never leave money on the table for our owners. But, we are reasonable. Again, so as to never leave money on the table by having a property sitting on the market with no rental income coming in.

2) Our Maintenance Department. We are responsive, but more importantly, we do the job correctly the first time. We are also extremely reasonable with our pricing. Trust me when I say that most property management companies make their money in this department. It’s not uncommon for owners to be up-charged 100% on maintenance invoices. We don’t do this. We believe the more wealth we can create you, the more you will stick with us as long time clients.

3) Our Accounting Department. Accurate. Timely. Pleasant to work with. You have full online access to your account at all time. And, if you need billing done differently, we can often accommodate your needs (sometimes for a small fee).

Do you have commercial property? We can assist you in the property management of it, as well!

Real Estate Sales

First, all residential real estate companies are essentially the same thanks to modern technology. We all use the same Multiple Listing Service and all of the same agents see your home marketed there in real time. And, we all have access to the same online marketing tools which allow Buyers to see your home in (almost) real time. Of course, some agents have more common sense and are more experienced with pricing your home correctly. With an average sale to list ratio of over 91.5% we are proud to say that we ARE some of those top agents!

The difference with us is that we are focused on creating wealth through real estate – not just on selling your home. Most real estate companies are designed only to help you buy or sell and in return they get a commission that makes them profitable. Look around at a lot of the new buildings being built right now. Those companies ARE profitable. Profit that could have went in YOUR pocket instead of theirs.

Don’t get me wrong. We want to be profitable, too. And, we do charge commission. But, you’ll never see a commission above 6% from us. And, watch the fine print. You are often paying an additional fee (often called a Broker Admin Fee) when you buy or sell. These can be as high as $995 with some companies. Ours is never over $299. And, if you do multiple transactions with us, we waive that fee completely!

That being said, any wise investor will tell you (just ask Uncle Warren) that you do not create wealth with your primary residence. You buy the home you live in to do just that – live there – and enjoy it.


Call a self-directed IRA specialist at Dream Vesting to discuss your financial future.

Real Investing with only three steps.


Step 1

Meet with the team at Dream Vesting

We will review your IRA and give you the best possible return via real estate.

A Self Directed IRA's ownership of a LLC, referred to after this as "ICO" ("I"RA "Co"mpany), is a special purpose limited liability company, which is either fully or partially owned by an IRA (Individual Retirement Account). Since the self directed IRA owns the ICO, IRA funds can be legally transferred to the ICO in exchange for member units (shares) of the ICO. After this funding, both traditional and non-traditional investments may be purchased by the ICO instead of directly in the IRA.

Step 2

Get our help and advice

Buying real estate is about more than just finding a place to call home. Investing in real estate has become increasingly popular over the last fifty years and has become a common investment vehicle. Although the real estate market has plenty of opportunities for making big gains, buying and owning real estate is a lot more complicated than investing in stocks and bonds. DreamVesting will help make this process easy, so you can sit back and collect the checks.


Step 3

Increase your income with DreamVesting

There are many other many ways to make money investing in real estate; fix and flips, long-term rentals, vacation rentals, REITs, short-term rentals, long-range investing, non performing loans, wholesaling and your personal residence can all be considered ways to invest in real estate. We can help with all aspects in the real estate market.

Real Investing for Your Future

Security Knowledge

We’ve done extensive research regarding the process of selecting the right home for your needs. It’s  important to make a good selection on where you want your house to be located, living in a good neighborhood will make all the difference in how we live, since we all want to have peace and security for our families, and of course having good security at our houses is also essential, getting good locks for the doors and maybe cameras. We’ve gathered DIY Tips for securing your home after all this years in the business and we like to share it with as many landlords and tenants as we can.  Also a good location will get you access to more services like supermarkets and good schools for the children. Our company takes pride in taking care of our clients!