Testimonials from our clients

We are grateful for all of our customers and work hard to build long-lasting relationships with all of them. Here are a few words of apprecition from some of our clients. For more references or recommendations, please feel free to contact us. • 1-402-680-1010

Charlie Brown

We trust Jeri Schlickbernd and DVG Realty with our modest investment capital.  Jeri is knowledgeable and a true professional about her business.  In addition to her knowledge and professionalism she   an innate ability when it comes to selecting properties to invest in.  The return on our investments to date are much higher than average returns.   We are extremely happy with Jeri and her team at DVG Realty.  We look forward to the next deal!

Ben Katt

I have gone through a couple property management companies over the last three years in Omaha, with the last one being fraudulent, terribly unorganized, and who tried their best to bankrupt my company.  After that experience it was extremely hard to even think about giving up control again to someone else.  Needless to say, even after meeting with Jeri and Todd multiple times, and really believing in their management model and team,  I still had skepticism in anyone other than myself managing my properties.  Due to my skepticism I made sure my transition to DVG was very slow and cautious.  DVG understood and was extremely patient with me as I got comfortable with their team, and made the slow transition of properties to their management team.  After a month or two, I was ready and turned over my entire Omaha portfolio.  Now we are in the process of DVG taking over my Lincoln portfolio as well. Every step of the way DVG has been responsive, flexible, and has kept my interests as owner in mind while also taking care of my tenants.  They have now stabilized my portfolio that 8 months ago was in shambles.   I have been impressed with the transition and happy with the results.  Now I can focus on growing my business, knowing the tenants and properties are in good hands!

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